Art is made from the artist's life fragmented into line and color. Last year I travelled to the state of Orissa in India, to learn and to make art, through an art residency organized by Carol Hummel and RIA/CE. The differences were eye opening and encouraging. This year I returned to South Asia, starting in Thailand and then going to Myanmar, formerly the country of Burma. Myanmar is just now opening to visitors from the west and I was excited to be a visitor.

We are seperated by our computer screens even as we live in the same towns. Everyday I painted the shadows, hues, and lines of Burma and Thailand onto cards and posted them to back to the U.S.. Light through my eyes, to my fingers, onto paper, postage paid in Burmese kyat and then passed by hand across the Pacific, continuously in exhibit, and finally into the hands of a friend. Here is a collection of photographs of this small international exhibition that I want to share with you.